Performed based on components renowned world brands (JAE, HRS) and according to global standards, ie.: LVDS which exist in LCD displays.  
Performed based on components renowned world brands (JAE, JST, MOLEX) used for power connections inside the electronic equipment ie: industrial computers, medical devices and LCD displays  
For our customers we can import unusual electronic components from the world's stock. We are also preparing semi-finished beams used for the production.  
Implementation of electronic systems ie.: adapters, splitters, etc. giving the functional extension for harnesses is an additional area of our activities.  


We manufacture cable harnesses (include LVDS and power signal) that are applicable in devices such as: industrial PCs, medical devices, LCD modules. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained during our implementation we are able to meet your requirements regarding quality and design on the basis of components from leading world manufacturers:

  • housing, terminals: JAE, JST, MOLEX, TYCO, HIROSE etc
  • wires: Technokabel, Elektrokabel, Helukabel

For our customers first of all we are preparing project analysis regarding cost and design Then we prepare prototype and mass production offer..



We specialize in one and multi-system cable harnesses which combine a various of components and assembly techniques:

  • Cutting, isolation and tin coating wires
  • Restraining and clamping contact elements
  • Soldering of harness components
  • Cable harnesses arrangement
  • Protecting against breaking and abrasion

Cable harnesses arrangement is done manually from sub-assemblies prepared in an automatic way. During the implementation of more complicated projects, we use previously prepared installation boards. Cable harnesses are tested with special equipment. Our qualified staff can provide design and implementation of unique and of specialized projects. Customers can also get professional help in developing new products .

Meeting the expectations of our customers we enriched our offer with designing and performing electronic circuits such as: adapters, splitters, etc. which extend functionality of cables harnesses.

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with resources of our online store. If there are no components which you search for, please contact us via email or telephone. We are able to bring for you rare and unique electronic parts. We specialize in searching and bringing parts from the world's resources..